Hey everybody!

First, here are some news of the last months!

Both my biography and discography have been updated. You can still find my last vinyl releases on all the good shops :
- Funk Hunter (Patterns Special Series)
- Legendaria Majestad (Patterns Serie-X)
- Techno Army (Beatform Records)

My last digital EPs are still available on Patterns (Dancefloor Hunter EP), Guilhotina (Hell Side EP) and Funk Me Recordings (Dancefloor Master EP) !

Expect some funky stuff on my upcoming remixes of artists such as Elton D, Lia Organa & Electric Prince, Sean Place, ... !

As most of you may already know it, I am now managing Funk Me Recordings with my great friend Fer Br! Get ready for some proper underground house here!


Secondly, you may have noticed I didn't release much stuff lately. Don't worry, I am fine! I just took some time to build a new studio configuration and to start working on my new tracks. I won't be producing much funky or disco stuff anymore as I am happy to tell you I am switching to some more underground sounds, which are my roots! My upcoming releases will be featuring Detroit Techno tracks but also some Chicago House tracks!

It was high time for me to take a higher step in my producer career and to start to work on some more serious stuff! I hope you guys will like it and will keep supporting me as much as you've done it for some years now!

I'll keep you up to date with my upcoming releases as soon as possible!